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They/Them Project interviews individuals who currently or previously use gender nonconforming pronouns, offering a platform for them to be seen and heard while informing all who listen how words and actions affect the Trans+ community. They/Them Project is produced by photographer and activist Brent Dundore.


Brent Dundore grew up in Minnesota and started his photographic career while in high school. He moved to California to attain his BFA degree in professional photography with an emphasis in advertising. After college he moved to Los Angeles, jumping into the LA photo industry. With hard work he attained success working with celebrities, publications, and commercial clients. After 5 years in LA, Brent moved back home to the Twin Cities where he now run’s his photo studio in Minneapolis. With two separate lines of work, BD Portraits & Brent Dundore Photography,  Brent caters to every type of photo client.


Brent started his photo-activism after returning to Minnesota from California. Founding the “Marry Us Campaign” in collaboration with the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus, and Minnesota United for All Families, Minnesota became the first state to vote down a marriage amendment to a state constitution. After photographing thousands of people, Brent received the “Everyday Hero Award” through the Twin Cities Pride Foundation, and has produced many other projects since then. (See for other projects.)


They/Them Project had a different beginning from Brent’s other endeavors. It was through his own ignorance of gender which ignited his passion. He once said: “You’re either a man or a woman, and you shouldn’t ask others to use pronouns that don’t exist.” Brent’s husband challenged him on this statement, saying: “That’s really unfair! It upset you when people questioned your sexuality. How could you tell someone else they aren’t what they say they are?” It was that moment Brent knew he had to change, and it was his responsibility to educate himself.

While working with a subject named Dusty for a fine art project, Dusty requested that Brent use they/them pronouns. Brent asked if Dusty was willing to talk about their gender, and Dusty said agreed to do so. While editing the fine art shoot there was an image that captured everything from that conversation. This was a turning point — a new project was born –– one that would document Brent’s process to better understand gender non-conforming people, and showcase them as well.

Brent went to social media asking some acquaintances who were Trans+ what pronouns they used. For those who use they/them pronouns, he asked if they were willing to be photographed and interviewed. Each photoshoot started with Brent asking if it was ok if he asked questions for himself to better understand gender. It didn’t take long to realize that those questions would also help others understand gender nonconforming people. He started to record the questions and answers, and the project evolved.

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