Jesse – They/Them Project

Produced by Brent Dundore Photography

Jesse - Brent Dundore Photography - They/Them Project - Minneapolis Commercial Photographer





Q: Gender & Spirit: Enlighten Us!

A: Our spirits are unique, filled with potential, and undefined. They carve the path our bodies tread. We create and recreate ourselves every moment. My body houses my spirit and gives a place to grow, thrive, and connect to the material world. But the idea of gender can be limiting. Finite. There is power in defining gender. Oppressive power keeps people separated, alone, placed in boxes that have specific meaning despite all we are. I choose a non-binary gender identity because I do not want limitations on who I am. Binary gendering tells us who is who and how we are supposed to interact. But the spirit is not something that can be quantified. Spirit is limitless. I encourage all to break free from binary perspective of reality and embrace the multiplicities that we are capable of. To learn more about gender and the queering power that a non-binary gender identity has, listen to my interview HERE.

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