They/Them Project is an ongoing podcast & photo series, produced by celebrity & commercial photographer Brent Dundore. Originating as a way to document his journey as a cisgendered person educating himself & challenging his own ignorance of gender. The project now gives gender nonconforming individuals a platform to be seen & heard, while educating all who listen about gender diversity. 

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Q: How’s life?

A: Overall, I’d say life as a whole is pretty good for me, at school, and with my family and siblings, in terms of me being non-binary. People at my school understand and accept me, but my family and siblings are having a bit of trouble with accepting my identity, however, we’re working on it! Almost everyone around me is quite accepting of my identity, although there may be a couple people here and there who question me about being who I am with questions like, “Why spell your name A-a-r-o-n instead of E-r-i-n?” and “You’re a girl, how can you be anything other than that?” My best advice for someone who gets questions like this is to just stand strong. Don’t let these words put you down. To learn more about school and gender, listen to my full interview HERE.

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